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Color: Black

Co-Created with Dynaudio

Advanced technology and decades of Northern European legacy come together in the Enco X earphones, co-created by OPPO and leading Danish HiFi brand Dynaudio, founded in 1977. To bring you digitally precise audio, we evaluated 30 different materials and 152 components and went through 120 rounds of structural fine-tuning in collaboration with the largest acoustic laboratory of Dynaudio.

Coaxial Dual-Driver Design

The Enco X earphones' innovation on traditional models features a coaxial dual-driver design typically only found in high-end audio devices. A magnetic balanced membrane driver handles high frequencies in the front, and in the back, a triple-layer composite dynamic driver handles middle and low frequencies. Dual speakers positioned on parallel axes ensure natural and high-def audio output.

Dual-Core, Dual-Mic Noise Cancellation 

Thanks to a dual-core chip and a dual-microphone design, it improves the signal-to-noise ratio, which optimises noise cancellation capabilities from every aspect.

The Enco X earphones feature an innovative ergonomic design, a weight of only 4.8g, and silicone tips in two hardness levels, ensuring both stability and comfort.