OPPO Pencil | Compatible With OPPO Pad 2

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Experience a new level of writing fluency with the OPPO Pencil. Outfitted with a self-developed stylus engine and an ultra-high sampling rate of 240Hz, it offers ultra-low latency of just 2ms, allowing you to quickly capture strokes with ease. Its fitting curve optimization algorithm ensures a smooth writing experience. Compatible with OPPO Pad 2 & OPPO Pad (Not available in New Zealand)
  • With advanced 4096-layer pressure sensitivity.
  • Used for drawing, writing, painting.
  • 13-hour battery life, seamless matte metal appearance.
  • Charging for 1 minute, 10 minutes use.
  • Compatible with OPPO Pad, OPPO Pad 2.


Compatible With:

OPPO Pad 2, OPPO Pad *Not Available In New Zealand


Length: 165.32 x 0.5mm
Width: 8.88 x 0.1mm