An element of love and good luck.


A symbol of family and protection.


A reassuring and faithful little pet companion


A representation of strength and perseverance

Stefano Giovannoni

Graduated in Architecture in Florence, lives in Milan working as an industrial designer, interior designer and architect. He has collaborated with companies such as Alessi, Fiat, Henkel, Pepsi, Seiko, Telecom, Veneta Cucine etc. Working as an industrial designer, he has created many best-selling and commercially successful products. In 2016 he founded with a group of top international designers, QEEBOO: a design brand with a new concept that, through a narrative approach, integrates language and communication.


Combine technology and design to create a capsule collection of covers and wallpapers with iconic and lively graphics to maximize the distinctive features of the new OPPO Find N2 Flip.

The capsule collection was born from the search for originality, attention to detail and the desire to create unique objects that can best express identity and personal style.