OPPO & Qeeboo Find N2 Flip Protective Case

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Style: Scottie (Orange)


OPPO x Qeeboo Find N2 Flip Protective Case

OPPO and QEEBOO combine technology and design to create a capsule collection of covers to maximize the distinctive features of the new OPPO Find N2 Flip.

The capsule collection was born from the search for originality, attention to detail and the desire to create unique objects that can best express identity and personal style.

OPPO x Qeeboo Exclusive Find N2 Flip Wallpapers

The new OPPO Find N2 Flip's cover screen is an innovative and exciting feature that sets it apart from other smartphones, as it is not only the biggest cover screen on any flip phone on the market, but it is also vertical in design, allowing for a wide range of interactive and dynamic features.

The cover screen also provides a new space for creativity and self-expression. Users can now customize their cover screen with unique OPPO x Qeeboo wallpapers that reflect their style and personality.

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